Tag: Organization


  • Temporal Probability Agency

    A quasi-governmental agency. Congress gave the TPA law enforcement powers in 2000 after [[:daisy-1 | Daisy]] successfully predicted an assassination attempt on a prominent senator. TPA has substations located in malls and downtown shopping areas …

  • Wisconsin Family Publishers

    The largest bulk magazine reseller in America's Dairyland. Well known for their annual sweepstakes drawings that many winners don't remember entering. Wisconsin Family Publishers features a quirky selection of titles including, _Bovine Quarterly_ and …

  • HARM

    h4. Holy Abkhazian Revolutionary Movement A militant organization with the expressed aim of freeing [[Abkhazia]] from its corrupt and repressive government and the domination of its larger neighbors. While most HARM members are peaceable, the movement …

  • Street Gangs

    The most prominent gangs in the Tri-State area are: * [[The She Devils]], lead by Betty the Bitch * [[The Blue Bastards]], lead by Cobalt * [[The Slicers]], lead by [[:stitches-1 | Stitches]] * [[The Blackjacks]], lead by Twenty-One